Treasures from the Danube

Coins of pure gold and some peculiar weapons have been uncovered by the dwindling water levels of the Danube at Érd

As a result of the lack of summer precipitation, for these past weeks, the levels of the Danube have been the lowest in seven decades. These record lows have revealed never before seen boulders and rocks in the riverbed – as well as some other unexpected surprises.

Our archaeologists have discovered a special and valuable find on the Danube bank at Érd. The diverse collection of mostly 18th-century artefacts – consisting of a large number of coins, as well as weapons and objects of everyday use – were found near Molnár Street, in the southern part of the city, near the nature reserve of Kakukk Mountain. The treasure probably originated from a boat that sunk in the Danube in the 18th century. Museum staff are currently searching for the assumed boat wreck with the aid of drones.

To view the video shot at the scene, click here.