– Éva MAGYARÓSI’s exhibition

2018. 03. 09 – 04. 22.


Ferenczy Museum


Fruzsina KIGYÓS


Március 8.

Éva Magyarósi (1981) is an animation film director, artist, sets designer; she also teaches. Collage films, pencil drawings, photographs, public space installations, theater and movie sets are connected to her name. Her first poetry book was published when she was a teenager, and her art’s starting point is still the screenplay-like composition of stories. When she draws, she pictures the object as a film frame of a motion picture part of the movie, as an element of a story the starting point of which is the artist’s own narrative. Her works tell the secrets of the female soul, about loneliness, about the body and about emotions presenting them as polyphonic stories of the situations experienced.

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