The Lost Astronaut in Vienna

Ottó Szabó / Robotto’s work in Vienna from 20 October

The sculpture entitled Lost Astronaut by Ottó Szabó (artist name: Robotto) is on view in Vienna for a month. The Hungarian audience had a chance to meet the tin man, carrying a suitcase and a map, at last year’s Art Capital, which centred on the themes of home and homelessness; it was on display at the underpass of the Szentendre HÉV (commuter rail) station, in the green area that has since been officially named Bizottság Park.
The works of this Kogart Prize- and Semmelweis Art Award-winning artist, which are regularly exhibited in venues both in Hungary and abroad – in spite of being created from iron and chromium steel structures, bearings, and rusty or polished metal sheets – always radiate something personal, something human. The idea for the path-seeking figure came to the Ottó Szabó while he was staying in London after having earned his degree: it embodies the initial stage of – and awakening awareness associated with – coming to a sudden halt, asking questions and seeking one’s place, as well as longing for, and finding, home.
The artwork is displayed in Sigmund Freud Park, on the square in front of Vienna’s Votive Church, from 20 October to 20 November. The official opening will take place on 28 October, at 3:00 pm.
Lost Astronaut, 2017, recycled material, iron, plexiglass, iron, sheet metal
Courtesy of the artist and Everybody Needs Art

Photo: Balázs Deim