Lace and Love in Szentendre

– Sam Havadtoy’s exhibition opens this Saturday

Memory of Love is the title of the exhibition opening in the Szentendre Room of the Ferenczy Museum, which will primarily showcase Sam Havadtoy’s latest works, created in his Szentendre studio. Formerly an interior designer, the artists now covers old objects and stories in lace. When, at the age of nineteen, he moved to the United States, this was the most obvious difference between European and New-World homes: in Europe, everything has an old story attached to it, just as hand-stitched lacework does as it is passed down from one generation of women to the next.

The art of Sam Havadtoy, who worked alongside such artists as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Agnes Martin and Robert Rauschenberg, has primarily been influenced by American abstract geometrism, pop art, and conceptual art. But perhaps what is even more important when characterizing the artist’s work is the ordinarily simple and yet splendidly uplifting spirit with which he strives to live and create – the same light-hearted brightness that also vibrates on his painting shirt, spotted with vivid, radiant colours.


Read more about the exhibition: HERE.


Photo credit: Sam Havadtoy, Fiat 500, bronze, lace, acrylic, gold leaf, 21x22x49 cm, 2018.