Autumn Festival of Museums at the Ferenczy Museum Center

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This year, the Ferenczy Museum once again has many exciting programs in store for the Autumn Festival of Museums. We invite enthusiasts of Béla Czóbel’s painting to two exhibition tours: Gergely Barki, curator of the yearly renewing exhibition speaks about curiosities and recently uncovered mysteries with reference to the paintings.
At the Kovács Margit Ceramic Museum, we invite visitors on family day to try our clay modelling workshop and a special tour of the exhibition led by Enikő Szabó and her band of musicians. We will also hold our usual Senior Wednesday on the third Wednesday of October.

For those with an interest in history, we recommend a presentation by museologist Katalin Ottományi on the Roman military camp of Ulcisia Castra, as well as a presentation by archaeologist Balázs Nagy on coin and treasure finds from the time of Hungary’s Turkish occupation. Festivalgoers will also have the opportunity to visit with museum conservators – the revivers of old times – on two occasions: curator Noémi Szabó and conservator Katalin Lukács uncover the secrets of Lajos Vajda paintings from FMC’s Art Collection; the family morning program of Katalin Lukács and her colleague, László Schrett, allows guests a peek into the secrets of the profession.

As the crowning events of the autumn programs, two integrally related exhibitions will open at the same time: at the Ferenczy Museum, Between Worlds presents the oeuvre of Lajos Vajda, the individualistic genius of the avantgarde of the thirties, while the exhibition entitled There Should Be an Exhibition After All showcases Júlia Vajda’s similarly fascinating art, within the spaces of Szentendre Gallery.

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