The central exhibition of Art Capital 2016

2016. 09. 03 – 11. 22.




Gábor GULYÁS's aesthetics, director of the Ferenczy Museum Center

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The exhibition was opened by József GAÁL Munkácsy Award-winning artist, art writer

Artists: Marina ABRAMOVIĆ, BAK Imre, BERSZÁN Zsolt, BUKTA Imre, Jelena BULAJIĆ, Radu COMŞA, Eija-Liisa AHTILA, EL-HASSAN Róza, ERDÉLY Miklós, FAJGERNÉ DUDÁS Andrea, FARKAS Ádám, FEHÉR László, Andreas FOGARASI, HEGEDŰS 2 László, KIS RÓKA Csaba, Peter KOGLER, KORONCZI Endre, Anna KOTT, LOVAS Ilona, Peter MATTHEWS, Vera MOLNAR, Jonathan MONK, NAGY Kriszta, Sorin NEAMTU, NÉMETH Ágnes, REIGL Judit, Katharina ROTERS, Florin STEFAN, Victor SYDORENKO, SZIRTES János, SZOLNOKI József, SZŰCS Attila, VÁRNAI Gyula, VERES Szabolcs, BILL Viola


Time is an essential subject of our culture. The philosophical treatises on metaphysical and vulgar time written over the past two millennia could fi ll a library, just as the nature of temporality has been an abiding interest of science throughout its history. As for art, it has both refl ected on this search and represented the prevailing experience of time, which itself changed from age to age. Since human life unfolds in time, one’s personal experience of time takes the form of subjective modes that vary throughout the diff erent ages of a lifetime—while each generation, as well as each historical period, has its own distinct, pervasive time. The exhibition called Wasted Time concerns itself with our contemporary experience of time.

The display features new works by some thirty artists, including American and Western European creators, with the majority hailing from the Carpathian Basin (Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine). Several of the exhibits have been made specifically for this exhibition.

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