2019. 05. 25 – 09. 01.


ArtMill, North wing


Bettina Busse, Peter Noever, Brigitta Muladi


25 May 2019 6pm

Vienna-based artist and designer Eva Schlegel (1960) enjoys employing new methods of installation and balancing on the borderline between various genres; she often experiments with space and the relationship of artworks within it. She creates both ephemeral and durable pieces. In addition to prominent museums and galleries, she has also exhibited at several international biennials (Sydney, Venice); her works are held in such important collections as, for instance, the Albertina (Vienna), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), the Museum Moderner Kunst (Vienna), and the Norton Museum of Art (Miami).

Eva Schlegel’s central theme is artistic creation, which she represents as a kind of psychic trip that could also be thought of as the ecstasy of flight: at one moment, rising higher, conquering gravitation, at the next, plummeting uncontrollably. The title of the exhibition also alludes to the captivatingly ephemeral, transient nature of creation as a state of being; it points to the eternal human desire to experience freedom, to achieve the otherworldly, dream-like state of total ease and relaxation. It evokes the privilege of the gods, which, for the human being, appears almost impossible to experience, but which artists attempt to manifest nevertheless, again and again.
Schlegel’s displayed works create flight – or at least the bodily sensation of weightlessness and relaxation – within the virtual realm, in the form of moving images projected through aircraft propellers. In addition to these spatial installations, the exhibition also features a photo series by the artist: the displayed lacquer works, in reinterpreting pornography, invoke a feeling of floating induced by erotic pleasure.

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