Péter Tamás HALÁSZ

2019. 05. 25 – 09. 01.


Vajda Museum


Emőke Bodonyi


25 May 2019 6pm

Péter Tamás Halász (b. 1969) graduated as a painter at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1998, in Dóra Maurer’s class. He has had solo exhibitions at Protokoll Studio in Cluj-Napoca, at Óbudai Társaskör Gallery, at Irokéz Gallery in Szombathely, and at acb Gallery in Budapest, among other places. In 2010 his works were featured at VOLTA NY, an art fair in New York City, and in 2014 he had a retrospective exhibition at Budapest Gallery.

The title of his latest exhibition refers not so much to a three-legged stand for cameras as to the tripartite structure in which the famous psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan (1901–1981) interpreted the individual, and which comprises the overlapping orders of the imaginary, the symbolic and the real.
With engineering precision, Péter Tamás Halász makes special installations that highlight social, economic and ecological problems. His art is structured rationally, and the same rationality informs his approach even to dreaming, one’s innermost subjective experience. The motifs of his new installations include such symbols that evoke the outside world and refer to phenomena of international politics, computer operating systems, the problems of the ecosystem, or human aggression, while he also incorporates representations, by turns revealing and cryptic, of the most personal memories and experiences. And as he depicts physical reality, he also makes us confront the illusoriness of reality. We must recognize ourselves, our personal selves, in this overlapping condition; here we need to find the line between dream and reality, a way to discover ourselves outside the symbolic order, beyond the reach of reality.

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