2017. 09. 15 – 10. 22.


Ferenczy Múzeum, Alapító Nyolcak Terem


SZILÁGYI Zsófia Júlia

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Tolnai Ottó tárlatvezetése

Tolnai Ottóval Parti Nagy Lajos beszélget


REMÉNYI József Tamás szerkesztő, kritikus

– Art Capital Exhibition –


Ottó Tolnai (1940) was born in Magyarkanizsa and currently lives in Palić – “he is a Yugoslavian-Hungarian minority poet from Vojvodina, from Serbia, from Bačka, from Lake Palić” (Világpor).
In Tolnai’s universe – rendered familiar and homelike by the repetitions of his constant cataloguing, his descriptions gaining new momentum time and again, and his incessant self-correction – works of fine art are present as possible versions of the world, in an inseparable unity of life and aesthetics. In his synoptic prose and free verse poems, which propel forth only to then dwell on the smallest details, our gaze is drawn again and again to the landscapes of a particular painting or sculpture or graphic work – but especially to its colours, which are pronouncedly present as vehicles of meaning in Tolnai’s poetry.
Perhaps it comes as no surprise that this strong interest in fine art seeks its path beyond thematic essays and inspires the artist to create. The works showcased in the exhibition offer a taste of Ottó Tolnai’s serial works while also highlighting the fact that these are open series, which, like his written works, are characterized by seismographic sensitivity, continuous searching and a constant sense of zooming in.

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