The Blanket

Barbara NAGY

2019. 05. 25 – 09. 01.


Vajda Museum garden


Noémi Szabó


25 May 2019 6pm

Barbara Nagy was born in Szentendre and currently works here at the Old Colony of Artists. She had graduated as a painter at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 2005 in Dóra Maurer’s class, later she obtained her DLA at the same institution. She has spent a longer period in German art centers and in Rome with scholarships. She is a member of the Lajos Vajda Studio. In recent years she had solo exhibitions in several major galleries in Vienna, Budapest and Szentendre. Last year her public art work Garden Networks [Kert-hálózatok] was on display during the Art Capital in the Bizottság Park.
The artist’s latest site-specific installation consists of six intertwined beds that are covered with longer or shorter blankets made of colourful wool. The stone pillows, like tombstones, bear inscriptions about the transitory nature of life. Barbara Nagy’s installation highlights several layers and meanings of dreams: the bed as a symbolic object belongs to the territory of dream, an inner theater where the unconscious governs. At the same time, the bed as a place for the most important stages of fate, like procreation, birth, illness and death, expresses the chain of life. Different beds in the installation denote individuals who are together. Dream is a private space that becomes a public affair, it is an important message that comes from another world. Barbara Nagy’s conceptual work does not choose between any well-known dream interpretations, only opens a free way to the dream interpretations of the beholder.

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