Szentendre’s Plein Air Exhibition in Rome

2019. 10. 12 – 10. 12.


Via dei Cappellari, Rome, Italy


Dalma EGED, Gábor GULYÁS

One of the most exciting chapters of modern Hungarian art is connected to the Szentendre Plein Air Exhibition, launched in 1968. When, back in the day, young, self-taught visual artists decided to create an exhibition space on Szendendre’s Church Hill for themselves and their peers out in the open, this counted as a gesture of special importance: they established a real perspective for freedom in a single-party state dictatorship [the Hungarian term for “plein air” (“szabadtéri”) incorporates the words “free” and “space”]. The exhibition Art Ante Portas, held at last year’s Art Capital in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Szentendre Plein Air, was a kind of homage to this exceptional forum – with the involvement of numerous artists who had exhibited there in the past. This year, on the 12th of October, Szentendre’s Plein Air Exhibition will make a guest appearance in Rome, in a street famous for its lively art scene: the Via dei Cappellari. It will feature many old and new exhibiting artists, including István efZámbó, László feLugossy, Imre Bukta, Zsolt Asztalos, Eszter Csurka, József Baksai, Ilona Lovas, József Gaál, Éva Magyarósi, János Szirtes, Barbara Nagy and Ottó Vincze. The exhibition, which will be realised within the framework of the Mirabilia Urbis festival, will, in accordance with tradition, only last one-day. While it will be centred on works by artists who were regular participants in previous Plein Air shows, artists that have been invited by the Ferenczy Museum Center are also represented in large numbers. During the event, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the saxophone music of Kossuth Prize-winning Mihály Borbély’s and Áron Tálas jazz pianist and composer’s duet.

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