– Tamás BAKOS

2017. 09. 08 – 10. 08.


Barcsay Museum


Brigitta MULADI

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– Art Capital Exhibition –


Tamás Bakos was born in Nagykőrös in 1976. After finishing secondary school, he worked for a brief period as a server in his hometown, then, between 2000 and 2013, he lived as a homeless person in Budapest. In the meantime, he was learning on his own to draw and paint, using scraps of paper and pieces of wood found in the street, and regularly selling his work.
In 2014, the artist’s sister Anna Bakos – working at Alte Schmiede Kunstverein Wien – showed these works to Walter Famler, general secretary of the Kunstverein. It was thanks to him that the public could then view Bakos’ works at a number of exhibition halls in the Austrian capital. The success of the artist is also evidenced by the fact that many of his works now comprise part of various private and company collections.
Bakos’ vibrating, restless works draw in the viewer’s gaze with a dramatic suggestiveness and at the same time radiate a certain sadness, as a result of not only his daring colour associations, but his precise representation of movements and gestures, as well as his dynamic – sometimes even excessive, but never distorted – renditions of sensitively perceived facial asymmetries. These lively works reflect a unique style, which viewed in the context of the now carefully catalogued pieces becomes even more strikingly apparent. A few defining pieces are especially noteworthy, including, for instance, his dreamily floating, surrealistic expressive, inner vision-based aquarelles (which at times call to mind Francis Bacon’s deconstructed figurativity) and single-line drawings, or his musician portraits and actor/celebrity close-ups originally seen in magazines and album covers, in which personal characteristics are represented in such a keenly observed fashion. His quick sketch-like studies of the human head and body cre-ated with a few swift brush strokes also leave a strong impression.


This exhibition marks the first occasion that Tamás Bakos’ art is showcased in Hungary.

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