Sleeping Beauty is Dead

Kriszta NAGY x-T

2019. 05. 25 – 09. 15.


ArtMill, Central wing


Gábor Gulyás


25 May 2019 6pm

Under the nickname Tereskova, Kriszta Nagy is a well-known singer. She studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in the 1990s with Lajos Sváby, Árpád Szabados, and Dóra Maurer. Since 1998 her works has been regularly exhibited in museums and galleries; till now her largest show was organized in 2007 at the WAX Kultúrgyár [WAX Cultural Factory] in Budapest. Such important public or private collections own her works as the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Dunaújváros, the Antal-Lusztig Collection in Debrecen, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Berlin. Kriszta Nagy made a significant impact beyond the art scene with her giant poster that was showed at Lövölde Square, Budapest in 1999; it held the inscription Kortárs festőművész vagyok [I am a contemporary painter]. Two decades later, a new version of her famous poster called Sleeping Beauty is Dead is on the show, and can be seen from May 2019.

Kriszta Nagy x-T has been working at the Old Colony of Artists in Szentendre now for years; her new exhibition is a huge site-specific installation. The exhibition reflects on a female experience that can be best described as a never-ending longing for the prince on white horse. In the intimate atmosphere of the MűvészetMalom, the viewers may confront again the fairy tale about the girl who was cursed and put into a hundred-year-long dream. The story of Sleeping Beauty here ends with a different conclusion, that is, the prince is not a rescuer but he also is a victim. This happens because the road to happiness is damned, boys, just as girls, are caught, and this is often tragically fatal. The rewriting of Grimm’s original narrative is resulted in a frivolous contemporary project that utilises the solutions of classical painting, street art, literary texts and occasional music.

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