– François FIEDLER

2017. 09. 15 – 11. 05.


Ferenczy Múzeum



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François Fiedler was born in Košice in 1921. In 1948, he travelled to Paris on a scholarship, where he remained following the drawing of the iron curtain. There he met Joan Miró, who introduced him to the most prominent gallerist of the era, Aimé Maeght. Maeght became his mentor and life-long patron.
Fiedler’s oeuvre bears strong ties to the ambitions of the “second”, post-war School of Paris, informel and the New York School. His initial works show kinship with the art of Hans Hartung, Jean Dubuffet and Jean-Paul Riopelle, while his later pieces are reminiscent of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. As a lyrical abstract painter, he presents in his artworks a unique combination of expressionism, tachisme, the calligraphy school and gesture painting.
The exhibition offers a glimpse at the special working method employed by François Fiedler in making his paintings. His energetic and animated spots of oil paint together with his compositions – created by a painting method that fractures and peels back individual colour layers – create a vibrant visual world.
These works – inspired by nature, in which the artist feels at home, and created under the influence of natural forces – engage the viewer in a game of free interpretation. According to the philosophy of the artist, whom Miró called “the painter of lights”: “a painting exists not on the canvas, but between the canvas and the viewer”. François Fiedler’s exhibition guides us to a dimension ruled by the poetic unity of nature and art.


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