Photographs from the old drawers – artists, events, exhibitions of Szentendre

2017. 09. 12 – 11. 19.


Ferenczy Múzeum, Szentendre Terem



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– Art Capital Exhibition –


Szentendre is a city of art, where life is always bustling with a continuous succession of exhibitions, events and festivals. Since the 1920s, Szentendre have been a place where artists liked to stay and work; with its colourful houses, churches and meandering, narrow streets, the small town at the Danube river is a fine theme for artists. The members of the Old and the New Artists’ Colony and the artists who have found a home here, belong to the image and the atmosphere of the town.
This exhibition gives an insight into the life of artists in Szentendre. We can get a picture about the life, work and pastimes of painters, sculptors and applied artists – today and in the past. An overview like this necessarily has a certain degree of randomness. I have found the private photos in cardboard boxes, drawers and folders, I have delved in collections for pictures from the old times, photographers have lent me from their photos of recent times and today. It was important for me to make it personal. When I was looking at the photos, the personal history of the life of Szentendre artists came to life to me – I hope that some of the visitors will have similar experiences. If you happen to know anything interesting about any of the pictures, please write it on the notice board!


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