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We welcome kids over the age of 4, students, and young adults to our workshops adapted to the specific needs of the group and their ages on weekends and holidays at family days, camps, city events.

We welcome all those with interest. Please contact us at the following number or email:
Edina Csillag (+36) 30/694-3858
Gabriella György (+36) 20/488-1851
e-mail: muzeumpedagogia@muzeumicentrum.hu
Family Sundays
If it is the second Sunday of the month, then it is FMC Family Day! On every second Sunday of the month we organise family days. We welcome every member of the family! While we museum educators explore the exhibitions together with the kids, parents can visit our permanent or temporary exhibitions. Between 10-11 we introduce the smallest children to the basic definitions and techniques of fine arts, and from 11 we provide opportunities for intense creative workshops for the elder children, building on their limitless fantasy and introducing them to techniques they would otherwise not encounter in formal education.
Open workshop (Nurturing Talent)
Every third Tuesday of the month, between 4-6 pm we hold workshops for children over 13. The aim of these activities is to deepen their knowledge of given techniques.
The workshops build upon each other successively, but can also be attended individually.
Summer Camps in the FMC
Ingredients: the fine art collection of the museum, the permanent and temporary exhibitions, and for additional seasoning we recommend the architectural and local historical points of interest of the city. Mixing these up, we come up with something new every year. We enrich the fine arts knowledge of the participants with new perspectives, complementing them with the architectural and local history aspects of Szentendre. We use project methodology during the one-week camp, and we work in teams and in pairs.
The effective and complex means of knowledge-sharing in the camp is the experience-based creative processing of the knowledge that also aids autonomy. We want the participants to feel at home in the museum and built environment, and that they preserve and constructively modify their own living space: Szentendre.
Art Capital Camp – because we need a week of community
We welcome you in our camp at the end of August! Similarly to the 2016 camp, we will mix up the genres this year, too: we will combine local history knowledge with contemporary fine arts, and the points of interest from the city’s history with contemporary usage of the city. We will not settle in one place: wewill visit a different exhibition every day, and we will become acquainted with new techniques each day. We’ll conquer the Danube banks, we’ll shoot a film, and we’ll also eat ice cream on the last day.

The animation produced last year is the work of the kids.

Dates of the camp: Last complete week of August, every day between 9 am – 4 pm
The suggested age for participating is 9 years and up.
Maximum participants: 20 children
Admission in the order of registration.
Registration, information: muzeumpedagogia@muzeumicentrum.hu