NOVI SAD ORPHEUSES – Új Symposion, the Vojvodina journal (1965–1992)

– Opening

2018. 02. 10.

Szombat, 17 óra


Ferenczy Múzeum

The Ferenczy Museum Center cordially invites you and your partner to the opening of the exhibition, Novi Sad Orpheuses – Új Symposion, the Vojvodina journal (1965–1992), to be held at 5 pm on 10th February 2018.
Welcome speech by: Gábor Gulyás Museum Director

The exhibition will be opened by: Viktória Radics, author, translator and critic, former editor of Új Symposion
Music: Göncölszekér Együttes


Location: Ferenczy Museum, Barcsay hall and Alapító Nyolcak hall

The exhibition will be on view between the 11th February 2018 to the 29th April, from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 am and 6 pm.