Night of Museums

23 June 2018 at FMC museums and exhibition halls

This year, we once again welcome our visitors to our Night of Museums special edition. We will offer late night exhibitions and a wide range of programs with museums staying open until midnight. Our Night of Museum programs include a flashlight-lit exhibition tour and garden walk for children and adults, a reading theatre session on the relationship between Imre Ámos and Margit Anna featuring Krisztián Nyáry’s book entitled Painterly Love, a string concert and a musical exhibition tour, a Garden of Eden souvenir- and flower-making workshop with Kyrú and Eszter Borsódy, a ceramic workshop and some gardening. Visitors can enjoy Krisztián Gergye’s performance If We Shadows … once more, as well as a must-see pantomime performance by Csaba Méhes. A new exhibition entitled Fairy Hopes (“Tündér remények”) will open at the Ferenczy Museum, which presents the adventurous fate of a letter handwritten by János Arany.