2017. 09. 13 – 10. 29.


Czóbel Múzeum, Ilosvai Terem


Katalin KOPIN

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Tárlatvezetés a művészekkel és a kurátorral


Németh Lajos meteorológus

– Art Capital Exhibition –


The artist duo Balázs Hugyecsek and Péter Rizmayer enters into a pantheistic conversation with nature in their own ironic and active way. In their videos, nature is a metaphor for home, giving shelter for the human being, as long as it does not turn against it.
The exhibition features three video works, together with the organic installations connected to them, a solo work from each of the artists and an open-air installation.
Instead of real interventions, in the course of their performances, presented in the nature, they aim to lessen the extent of the destruction which is caused by the activities of the mankind, to make the scars of the wounded nature disappear.
Sometimes they choose the means of contemplation and meditate on nature. Most characteristic places to their art are the floodplain by the Danube river, the Pilis mountains and the Transylvanian high mountains. They revisit the chosen venues several times, in different times of a year and document the changes and transformation of their land art artworks that are made of natural materials.
They recorded High Mountain performance 2000 meters above sea level. „Around us, there are only rocks, lichen, grass and water. A reductive, meditative, minimalist venue for a performance. A challenge just like mountain climbing. Only a few small signs, maybe the environment itself is more important. Maybe it is not us who shape it, instead, it is shaping us. We act and we disappear. We move along, the rock stays.”
The venue of their Flood Basin performance is the riverside along the Danube with its dying and resurrecting, changing view. The set is made of the dead, naked landscape at winter’s end, the moulding, disintegrating fallen trees, the straggly, leafless bush and the thick, rustically patterned litter on the ground. The video etudes are composed of a strain of short actions, in the course of which the two artists interfere with the course of nature, but the revolting landscape punishes them and expels the intruders. The actions are ’anti-land art’ artworks, as in reality the two artists do not leave a sign in the nature, it is rather them, who, in the course of their activity, are turned into defenceless toys of nature.
In a similar way, the artists only feel at home in an exhibition space after turning it into an organic labyrinth by cramming it with the accessories of the landscape. The knotty branches and the rough, marbled rocks stand before our eyes as mementos, warning torsos in the man-made environment – that is, in the exhibition space.
In the video installation Meteor everyday objects (a clock, a painter’s easel, a chest, a stove) slam into the ground like meteors. The staged impacts are documented on photo and video.
Through these actions, the artists warn us of the dangers of the universe of objects ’orbiting’ around us. Often the used-up and dumped things end as garbage on the ground or in the soil, leading to a catastrophe in the biosphere. In this way, the objects that once belonged to our homes will destroy our living environment.

Katalin Kopin

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