– László fe LUGOSSY, Imre BUKTA, János SZIRTES

2017. 04. 08 – 08. 06.




Gábor GULYÁS aesthetics, museum director of the Ferenczy Museum Center

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The exhibition was opened by Gábor NÉMETH writer

Stepping into the courtyard of ArtMill, one can hardly detach oneself from the impression made by the ensemble of the ancient and the modern, the ruinous and the renovated components of the building – and this atmosphere also influences our attitude towards the experience that awaits us inside. This mood is strongly connected to a story that is by now half of a century old and which is constituted of the notions, concepts and struggles of the artists who live in the city and which was about having a high-quality place for exhibitions on contemporary fine art in Szentendre. ArtMill was founded with the aim of attaining this goal. In this context, a more general question arises: how can progressive artistic tradition be presented in a shabby environment, on walls that struggle with decay and in anachronistic rooms, and how can contemporary art be connected to all this? Of course it is about the city, too: how can a small town, which is on the way of becoming a fossilized open-air museum, reflect vivid artistic contents?

In this exhibition, three artists are reflecting on their relationship to the Szentendre artistic tradition; it was in this city – whole or in a part – where their art has become mature, but they aren’t closely connected to it anymore. Thus, they are able to see the place from outside and from inside for the same time, and their reflection also deals directly with their own artistic career. While searching for their path as artists, the ways of Imre Bukta, László feLugossy and János Szirtes crossed each other on several points during the last decades. The exhibition is based on the connections between these three artistic ways, mainly through new artworks which were made for this occasion. The three artists are related to each other primary through the fact that each of them has a characteristic artistic attitude, which are defined by irony and lyricism, and the use of video as a medium in a way which is primary based on an act of counterbalancing: a critical view of, and, for the same time, identification with the shabby, outworn and backward world along the duality of the living, fallible, suffering human body of flesh and bones, and of aestheticized, beautiful bodies.

The exhibition deals with the immovability and the detachment from it, the relationship between gravity and elevation. The possibility of levitation. The need for physical and spiritual, real-life and virtual elevation, the inner drive towards wandering and settling down. An old question needs to be actualized: where, in what kind of world is – here and now – the place of art and artists?




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