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What is museum education?
It is not just about looking at images: it is about internalising and viewing them with understanding. We live in the culture of images: consumption is motivated by images, our views are shaped by images, our thinking is represented with images – on the streets, in advertisements, on the internet, everywhere. Understanding images is a fundamental competency: it serves learning to select between visual information, to orient oneself in the world, the shaping of critical thinking. Museum education is about becoming acquainted with artworks on one hand and having the basics of art history, cultural history, history and visual communication transmitted through modern and contemporary art exhibitions. Art history, however, is also part of a much wider circle: it is part of the history of images. Thus, in our workshops we teach viewpoints and interpretation techniques to children that help their orientation in the world of media, internet, i.e., in the imagery of consumer culture.
You cannot start acquiring these skills too early – therefore we welcome everyone from kindergarten to high school students to our exhibitions!

Please contact us:

Edina Csillag (+36) 30/694-3858,
Gabriella György (+36) 20/488-1851
e-mail: muzeumpedagogia@muzeumicentrum.hu


Our museum educators:

Edina Csillag
teacher of Hungarian grammar and literature, mental hygiene professional 
I learn and teach, together with the kids, inspiring one another, listening to each other with assertive attention. As a teacher of Hungarian grammar and literature and mental hygiene professional, I aim to hold workshops that are gap-filling, both in terms of their subject matter and methodology, that are rare in formal education. I love to amaze the little ones with colorful stories and tales, while I prefer joint thinking and exploring together with the elder ones. I am serious at times, but I love to include humor in my “armory”.

Gabriella György
Teacher of drawing and visual communication and of Hungarian grammar and literature, media educator
I love to explain, and while I explain I gesture vigorously. My favorite field of interest is contemporary art. I like to integrate as many fields as possible into my workshops: aesthetics, ethical questions, environmental consciousness, literature and natural sciences inevitably come into play. In just three steps, I can arrive to the larger questions of black holes and time travel, virtual reality or Baroque painting, from any contemporary artwork. Thus, we do not only contemplate and create in my workshops: if need be, we play ball or board games, or even do physical exercise. I work especially with small children, with people with disabilities, and with high school students.