2017. 09. 08 – 09. 24.


Evangelical church


Fruzsina KIGYÓS

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Attila Mispál theater and film director

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Dawn Csutoros is a visual artist of Hungarian descent who relocated the centre of her artistic activities from Australia to Szentendre, the Hungarian capital of art some months ago. The artist, who is exhibiting internationally in many cities, including the US, China, England, France and Australia, works across a diverse range of media, from paintings and objects, through video installations to performance, as well as engaging audiences in large scale public art projects. The main theme of her works is the constant search for the deeper levels of our being. Csutoros inspired by eastern philosophies invites the viewer to immerse themselves into an inner journey.

Her current exhibition features an immersive visual and sound installation, based on intimate, meditative experimental experiences and includes a performative element. Its public engagement component belongs to the artist’s Silk Road Project, which is to be realized in several different places around the world linking the east with the west.

The artworks on display reflect on the potential connections between the sacred space of a church and an intimate experience of our own inner space and their effects therof. The visitor’s experience starts with an inner silence, followed by the video and sound installation. The colour blue: an emblem for the intellectual, contemplation and a symbol for the transcendental.


The video and sound installation Infinite Distance, Immediate Presence, is a gateway to inner perception through art, and invites the viewers to experience a sense of personal discovery and art through the combined effects of visual and sound impressions.


Csutoros uses traditional materials – Chinese mulberry paper, French pigments, Japanese ink – to create her abstract works, which are composed of layers of graduating tones of blue. The elegant elliptical forms are levitating between the real and a meditative space. Her works aim to contribute to the viewer’s own personal voyage of discovery and to find both conceptual and aesthetic pleasure in the art. As Marcel Proust said: the true voyage of discovery is not finding new lands, but to see the world we already know with fresh eyes.

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