– Péter BORBÁS & Annamária SZENTES

2017. 06. 24 – 10. 02.




Brigitta MULADI


Ádám FARKAS sculptor

Ferenczy Museum Center, together with the Municipality of the City of Szentendre, announced a public call for street art, public art and public sculpture projects to be temporarily realized on the square located in front of Post Office No. 1. Within the framework of the project, which was launched in 2016 and is planned to continue in the future, three artworks have been realized this year – one of which is, exceptionally, displayed in the courtyard of the Barcsay Museum.


The installation by Péter Borbás DLA and Annamária Szentes consists of the interior of a conjured-up home, in which the spread family table is symbolized by a continuously refilled shopping cart. This interactive work has been created in the spirit of assuming social responsibility both in public art and in architecture. Please take care of, and around, the instal­ lation, relax and enjoy yourself – bon appétit!

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