2019. 05. 25 – 09. 01.


Vajda Museum


Fruzsina Kigyós


25 May 2019 6pm

Earning recognition internationally first as a professional athlete and then as a tattooist, the self-taught artist has dedicated himself completely to visual art since 2015. There is a distinctive formal and thematic character to his original world, as it became apparent at his first exhibitions in Czechia (Aleš South Bohemian Gallery in Hluboká nad Vltavou, and Pro Arte and Mánes, both in Prague), and at his 2017 appearance at the Miami Art Week. The same year he moved to Budapest, where he has been working ever since.

He is active in a variety of genres: while his photographs, objects and conceptual installations aim for powerful effects, the elaborate, nuanced drawn paraphrases of cave paintings, as well as the large paintings with sacral themes, invite a more concentrated, meditative form of reception. He feels unhindered by stylistic constraints, and crosses the boundaries of genres as a matter of course. He likes to mix different techniques, and often plays with the surfaces created by the paint. The tightness of his compositions goes hand in hand with an expressive penchant; a picture may be dominated by gestural painting or a geometric strain of the abstract approach, but neither is without the other in any of his works. He often represents disquietingly strong emotions and moods, taken from their original perspectives and condensed with meditative slowness. This is his first solo exhibition in Hungary.

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