– György BP. SZABÓ – Gábor PALOTAI

2018. 05. 13 – 09. 02.


Ferenczy Museum


Fruzsina KIGYÓS

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12 May

Found Pixels – an exhibition by two graphic artists who studied at the same academy during the eighties: György Bp. Szabó (1953), who reached his full artistic potential in Los Angeles, and Gábor Palotai (1956), who lives and works in Sweden – transports visitors to the world of pixels.

The two artists met one another in the Graphics Program of the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts. György Bp. Szabó initially became known for designing posters for alternative bands, with music becoming a defining aspect of his later work as well. He continued his career in graphic art in Los Angeles. In 2015, he moved back to Budapest, where he has since been living and working as a visual artist. Gábor Palotai, after graduating from the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, continued his studies at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts. He was quickly recognized on the Swedish scene, where he is known as a prominent representative of Scandinavian graphic art, with his own unique voice. In addition to his achievements as a graphic designer, he teaches as a guest professor in a number of design schools in Sweden, and also works in several areas of design and art direction. His work has earned him numerous accolades, including 18 Red Dot Design Awards.


The exhibition focuses on the themes of separation and coming together. Through analogue and digital renditions of the vibrations of metropolitan life, it explores the boundaries of two distinct image eras.



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