Fire Bug (Bodobacs) Circle
The circle of friends of Ferenczy Museum Center

This circle of friends helps and diversifies the activities of the Ferenczy Museum Center and is a kind of intellectual platform of joint thinking. The supportive group consisting of patrons not only help to increase the network of the museum, but with their voluntary work they also contribute to designing and implementing the events of the museum. The circle is named after the Fire Bug (bodobács), the playful figure of the emblematic 20th century Szentendre painter, Dezső Korniss. The members of the Fire Bug (Bodobács) Circle take active part in the museum’s life; besides participating in openings and guided tours, they also attend literature and music events, educative lectures, trainings and joint travels with discount or free of charge.

If you would like to join the Fire Bug/Bodobács Circle, send us an email: