Fix Flux

– Students of the Department of Arts at the Partium Christian University of Oradea

2018. 06. 09 – 07. 08.






9 June 2018 7 pm

The exhibition captures a moment of the life-education-work-art process – or flux – which has been occurring for the past 15 years in Patrium Christian University’s Department of Arts. The applied and autonomous works on display here, in the spirit of *fluxus* call for the necessary dissolution of borders between art and life. Visitors can view posters, publication designs, typography exercises, illustrations, letter designs, book objects, installations and installation designs.
Through this exhibition, a promising generation of artists introduce themselves within the framework of an important – but in Hungary, lesser known – art workshop, operated by such excellent artists as László Ujvárossy and Gusztáv Ütő.

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