Our exhibitions that will continue to be open until 9 September

View / Opening a Way to Freedom / No More Secrets!

Although we are saying goodbye to this year’s Art Capital exhibitions, we have a number of temporary shows that are still on view until 9 September:

The deservedly famous exhibition View, featuring Erik Mátrai’s mega-highstand, remains open for one more week in the courtyard of the Czóbel Museum. The structure offers a view of Szentendre’s rooftops from a rarely seen perspective. While, in the interest of protecting the rights of local residents, taking photographs is not allowed, visitors will be sure to behold a vista that is hard to forget.

The exhibition entitled Opening a Way to Freedom – Béni Ferenczy’s Art has much excitement in store even for returning visitors: it explores the Ferenczy Family’s secrets and maps out the close relationship between twin brother and sister, Béni and Noémi. The show, which is held in the Ferency Museum, reveals the identity of the famous figures who inspired Béni Ferency, as well as the family members and children who were present in his life – and, of course, most importantly, sheds light on how the sculptor himself saw them.

One of this year’s most exciting contemporary exhibitions, No More Secrets! – László Gerő’s international art collection, also continues to be open at the ArtMill. The core of the collection consists of works related to Viennese Actionism. There are also several works on display from the New Leipzig School and the avantgarde of the eighties, as well as by certain fascinating, “maverick” artists. Visitors will no doubt enjoy these works reflecting the greatly influential narratives of the recent past, often shrouded in secrets.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm.

The photo shows a work by each of the three artists: Henrik Martin, Erik Mátrai and Béni Ferenczy.