Boundaries and Movements, Changes and Dreams

– exhibitions at the Art Capital that can still be visited through the weekend

This week exhibitions at the ArtMill and Barcsay Museum are still open – we cordially invite all lovers of art who have not seen these shows as well as those who wish to see the masterworks again. MIG 21 articulates acute social criticism, addressing problems such as migration and the current state of and changes in church and state power, with the help of artists including Oleg Kulik, Žarko Bašeski, and the AES+F group. Disruptive Imagination’s dreamlike visions and irrational representations provides a picture of the posthuman mentality of the same modern, almost surreal reality experienced by us: visitors may wonder at pictures by Jonathan Wateridge, the Chapman Brothers, Tim Eitel, Marin Majić, Szabolcs Veres, Attila Szűcs, and other Eastern and Central European artists. The portraits of Tamás Bakos, an artist who moved from the streets to a Vienna studio, talk about the difficulty of human lives and the limits of human tenacity. Zsuzsanna Szabó’s show and performance present our changes and relationships along the sometimes tangled, sometimes unravelled yarns of life.