Art Capital


2019. 05. 25.

6 pm


Main Square, Szentendre

18 new exhibitions • 52 programs • 73 artists
Central-Eastern Europe’s largest fine art festival

Welcoming speech by: Gábor GULYÁS museum director, chief curator of Art Capital

Introduction by: Dorottya GYÜRK, Szentendre’s deputy mayor for culture

The Art Capital will be opened by: László feLUGOSSY, artist, poet

Contributor: János KARÁCSONY, guitarist, singer

On 25 May from 3 pm, visitors will be welcomed by artists and curators at all exhibitions. On the day of opening the Art Capital exhibitions are open from 3 pm to 8 pm.

Art Capital is the greatest visual art festival of Central-Eastern Europe, which will be held this year in Szentendre for the fourth time. In the past three years, our prominent exhibiting artists have included, among others, Marina Abramović (USA), Peter Kogler (Austria), Victor Sydorenko (Ukraine), Bill Viola (USA), Jelena Bulajić (Serbia), Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Finland), Radu Comșa (Romania), Mohau Modisakeng (South Africa), Žarko Bašeski (Macedonia), Yoko Ono (USA), Oleg Kulik (Russia) and Chiharu Shiota (Japan).

This year’s festival is entitled Old and New Dreams. 19 thematically linked exhibitions and 52 related programs await visitors in the downtown of Szentendre.

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