2019. 05. 25 – 09. 01.


ArtMill, North Central wing


János Schneller


25 May 2019 6pm

Born in 1969, the Munkácsy Prize winning artist studied graphic art and photography at the Hungarian College of Applied Arts, and then attended the director-cinematographer programme of the Academy of Drama and Film. She soon transgressed the boundaries of the genres and began to paint, make installations, and create performances. She has regularly exhibited at museums and galleries since the early 1990s; her most extensive display to date was at Ernst Museum in 2013. Her works can be found at prestigious public and private collections, including the Hungarian National Gallery, Kiscelli Museum, Pécs Gallery, and the Antal–Lusztig Collection. One of her special sculptures, which are modelled in water, was installed in a public space in the 11th District of Budapest in 2014. Last year she was featured at Art Capital with another work made with the same technique, which was exhibited in Bizottság Park.

Eszter Csurka’s latest, site-specific installation is a composition that runs through five rooms and relies on uniform audio and spatial effects. As they walk through the rooms, visitors are led from one space to the next by visually unified surfaces, while the disorientation, the uncertain spatial relations, the surfaces and forms that emerge from the darkness, the changes of scale, and the intensive colours, create a total-art experience, as it were. The title of the exhibition refers to a state between wakefulness and sleep, which experts call the alpha state. In this semi-wakeful state on the verge of consciousness, rational thinking gives way to the flow of associative, sensual and unconscious contents. Like in dreams, experiences during the alpha state cannot be reconstructed with absolute certainty; when recalled, space and time refuse to cohere.

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