A Bird’s Dream


2019. 05. 25 – 09. 01.


Ámos Imre – Anna Margit Memorial Museum garden


Noémi Szabó


25 May 2019 6pm

The artist was born in 1980 and graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. Since then, he has been working in many genres, like painting, creating art books, redesigning interiors of ruin bars, and making assemblages. He has also collected obsessively seemingly worthless or old objects. The artist is in love with stacking; discarded toys that evoke childhood, accessories, and trash are brought to new life by his hands. Regardless of any genres, the construction of images in his works can be characterized by the principle of horror vacui, that is, filling the entire surface with motifs, objects or other elements. The result looks like an organic proliferation of objects, in which the individual elements, for example a headless tin soldier or the back bumper of a Zsiguli [a nickname for Lada cars], are interconnected and thus require a new interpretation.

A Bird’s Dream is a lively site-specific project in the inner courtyard of Ámos Imre – Anna Margit Memorial Museum that operates with expressive and surreal forms. At the top of a five-meter-tall chicken leg one can find a house-shaped form built from found objects. This is a special fictitious building well-known from fairy tales, the one whirling on a duck’s leg. On the side of the yard with creeping ivy the artist placed God’s all-seeing eyes among the greenery.
The spirit of the installation is strongly connected to the late grotesque art of Margit Anna, but at the same time it can be interpreted as a complement of the Margit Anna memorial made by Péter Vladimir. The inner courtyard of the museum became a dreamy, strange satirical garden; one of its outdoor furniture, the lion’s bench, which was in bad condition, has now been renewed.

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