21 grams

Opening of Katalin Rényi’s exhibition

2018. 10. 14 – 2019. 02. 17.




Brigitta MULADI


4 pm 13 October 2018

The opening takes place at 4 pm 13 October 2018 at the ArtMill.


Welcome speech by: Gábor Gulyás museum director

Salutational by:Miklós Verseghi-Nagy, Mayor of Szentendre

The exhibition will be opened by Zoltán Balog churchman

Performs: Kati Wolf singstress

Curator: Brigitta Muladi
„The inspired quality of Katalin Rényi’s art originates from this humble acknowledgement – and, without exception, always leads us back to the sacred. To the soul, which, in this vain human world, only amounts 21 grams—but is, nonetheless, overly burdensome for many.” Gábor Gulyás


The exhibition is on view until 17 February 2019.


Photo: Katalin Rényi: Wings of the Soul, oil on canvas, 155 × 165 cm, Balázs Deim, Ferenczy Muzeum Center

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