Economist and art collector László Gerő owns one of the most exciting art collections in Hungary.  Viennese Actionism, which represents the torments of the human body in the form of orgiastic actions, comprises the core of this broadly-arced collection. In addition to what are now regarded as classic works by Günter Brus, Rudolf Schwarzkogler and others, the collection also contains numerous pieces from the older generations as well as the young artists of today – ranging in scope from Tibor Hajas to Rita Ackermann.


At first László Gerő was primarily interested in collecting European avantgarde art, and, within that, lyrical abstract gesture painting – as indicated by some early works from István Nádler, Tamás Hencze, and Károly Klimó, as well as later pieces by such international stars as John Bock, Eva Schlegel and Martha Jungwirth. Eastern European painting occupies a distinct position within the collection; most notably, important works are included by such prominent figures of the Leipzig School as Neo Rauch, David Schnell, and Christoph Ruckhäberle.


There are also a large number of works by “maverick” artists who, in the past two decades, have actively engaged in the task of renewing the concept of art; having rejected conventions, working independently from genre designations and building – as well thinking further – on the past, they have sought their own individual paths. Daniel Richter, Ákos Birkás, Balázs Kicsiny, Attila Szűcs, Péter Szarka, Kamen Stoyanov, Róbert Batykó and István Csákány are some of the familiar artists to be mentioned in this context.


A defining arc of the sculptural portion of the collection can be linked to transformations in the genre of object art. The works of Daniel Spoerri, Gyula Várnai, Ottó Szabó, Henrik Martin, Péter Halász and Anselm Reyle, among others, point toward performative sculpture.


Offering a representative overview of László Gerő’s rich, carefully built art collection, the exhibition showcases distinctive works from past decades, which have been born of the impactful – often secret-laden – narratives of the recent past.



NO MORE SECRETS! – Selection from the Art Collection of László Gerő

Welcome speech by: Gábor Gulyás museum director
Introduction by: Dorottya Gyürk, Szentendre’s deputy mayor for culture
The exhibition will be opened by: Attila Sirbik author
Music: Dj. Bootsie, Bernáthy Zsiga live


Location: ArtMill

Time: Saturday, 7th April 2018. 6 pm

The exhibition is open: from 8th April 2018 to 26th August 2018 from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

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OPENING A WAY TO FREEDOM – Béni Ferenczy’s art

Welcome speech by: Gábor Gulyás museum director
The exhibition will be opened by:
Ádám Farkas sculptor

Location: Ferenczy Museum

The exhibition is open: from 23rd March 2018 to 24th June 2018 from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

For further information about the exhibition click here!



Welcome speech by: Gábor Gulyás Museum Director
The exhibtion will be opened by: Kriszta Bódis writer
Location: Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre hall
Curator: Fruzsina Kigyós
Éva Magyarósi (1981) is an animation film director, artist, sets designer; she also teaches. Collage films, pencil drawings, photographs, public space installations, theater and movie sets are connected to her name. Her first poetry book was published when she was a teenager, and her art’s starting point is still the screenplay-like composition of stories. When she draws, she pictures the object as a film frame of a motion picture part of the movie, as an element of a story the starting point of which is the artist’s own narrative. Her works tell the secrets of the female soul, about loneliness, about the body and about emotions presenting them as polyphonic stories of the situations experienced.