Zsuzsi Vinkler’s exhibition entitled From The Here And Now focuses on personal questions of existence, drawing on the collective and per-sonal past, narratives by her ancestors, subjective memory, all the tan-gible and abstract family heritage that determines her artistic identity. The exhibition was born as a private space of memory, but this memory network is of general scope: it can be extended to anyone through the disclosure of private memories. The therapeutic potential of art is emphasised. Her installations are self-reflexive spaces in which the reception of the works and the contribution of the artist can bring about changes in the beholder.

Despite having a defined arch and direction, the exhibition does not aim to outline a narrative, but rather present the 20th century story of a family through memories, sensations, evoked situations, objects and moments. Instead of being confronted with formalin-scented relics from the past, the visitor is turned into the subject of the exhibition unawares. The title also indicates that a reflection referring to the present and the future recurs over and over again in the dense texture of the past. From The Here And Now – The title is an allusion to the position of the artist, who is heading towards the future trying to find her balance with her heritage from the past “here and now”.

While interpreting her personal past, the artist confronts visitors with questions about their identity, past and future, thus broadening the frames of fine art by means of psychological methods and approaches.